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Conservatism is probably the most misunderstood set of values in the United States. Conservatives are alleged to be strict, insensitive, unsympathetic and worst of all, boring.  

But to embrace true and serious conservatism is to embrace love, happiness and joy.  Not to mention a very real caring for mankind.  And none of those things are boring.

You see, when conservatives say they don't support the latest government program, what they mean is that they love their children so much that they'll sacrifice spending America's riches now so that their kids can be happy later.  When they say they're against abortion, they mean that they're pro-baby. The support our military men and women out of a deep and abiding respect for their courage.  And they favor traditional marriage because they're amazed at the grace God has given them to experience a kind of love that can lead to a family and children.

Yet somehow, we who follow the conservative path drop our heads and nod in shame when others say we're not the party of hope. With a belief in God, affection for our country and a love of family, we're full of hope. Scientific research daily confirms the value of strong families and governments worldwide succeed when they minimize their effects on daily life.

This website is filled with quotes from our founding fathers, articles on current events, legal essays, and resources for those who love faith, courage and family.

Let's be happy to be conservatives.  Why not?  We're one of the most joyful and exciting groups in America.

A Positive View of Conservatism