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Freedom to make laws on a local level was something the United State's founders fully intended citizens to have.  In the modern world, special interests often ask courts declare that the constitution mandates that they get their way.  Although it's sometimes necessary to protect individual rights, such action can deprive us of a rigorous democratic process, as we come to rely on courts to tell us how each issue should be decided. 

The good news?  Conservatives too can start legal movements that will help achieve a freer form of government and the information below can help in your personal decisions and discussions. Where change is needed on a constitutional level, Article V provides a process for it, without asking courts to change the meaning of the document.  As that process has been used to end slavery, give women voting rights and limit presidents to two terms, we have every reason to believe it will continue to be effective.  The pages below help explain various issues.  Please note that this web site is not intended as legal advice.  For that, please consult a lawyer licensed to practice law in your state and competent to handle your issue.