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The news stories and opinions below give our readers a fresh perspective on the day's events.  Scroll to see the link each article.  
Liberal States Helping Rich citizens Commit Tax Fraud

Gender Transitioning & Plastic Surgery – Dangerous & Expensive

Three Historical Lies About Christians and Conservatives

China Violates U.N. North Korea Sanctions

N. Korea - Why They Keep Building Nukes - Intel Analysis

Trump's Tax Cut - Analysis of Why The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Helps Everyone But Hollywood - With Footnotes for Research.

Steve Scalise, The Civil War, and the Mirror

Exclusive - Congressman Richard Hanna Responds to Justina Pelletier Situation in Letter to Matthew

Condoleezza Rice vs Rutgers University's Intellectual lightweights

Rochester University Religious vs Atheists Study is Wrong, and Here's Why

New Testimony in IRS Scandal Could Lead to Obama Appointee 

Free Enterprise Defended and Morally Explained - Excellent Economics Animation by the American Enterprise Institute's President Arthur Brooks

Tax Scandal Update-President, White House May Have Known Earlier On-Special Prosecutor a Possibility-Lerner Pleads Fifth

IRS Targeted Conservative Individuals And Groups

Upbeat Adds Alexis de Toqueville Quotes Page for Conservatives and Educators

Obama Snubs England Again, Gun Law Fails

Possible Terrorist Attack Hits Boston - Two Bombs Explode Near Finish Line of Boston Marathon, Incendiary Device at JFK Library Unlikely

7 Counts of 1st Degree Murder Against Abortion Doctor (link will take you off site)

North Korea Gains Long-Range Nuclear Capability on Obama's Watch

Thatcher, Warren, Human Kindness and Those Who Fail to Respect It

Mourning the Passing of Margaret Thatcher - Former Prime Minister Dies at 87

Will Senator Rick Santorum Run in 2016?  Many Conservatives Hope So.  Note: this link takes you to a Newsmax article, a separate website.

Obama's Popularity Falls: Polls Show Decline - Possible Case of Second Term Blues

North Korea, F-22 Fighters, Navy Ships, B-2 (Stealth) Bomber

Supreme Court on Gay "Marriage" and California's Constitution as Amended by Proposition 8.  

FOP - A Look at What Politics is Really All About

IRS uses 60K Dollars to Make Star Trek Parody

The Long Bank Holiday in Cyprus

European Union Attempts to Loot Cyprus Banks, Putting Nation's Banks at Huge Risk

Reader's Choice - Should There be Another Chapter in the Bush Dynasty?

New Pope Elected! Catholic Conclave of Cardinals Elects a New Holy Father

​No Pope Elected After Three Ballots

​North Korea Declares Revocation of Cease-Fire That Ended Korean War

Date Set For Catholic Papal Conclave

United States Economy Improves

​Senator Rand Paul Speaks For Thirteen Hours After Administration’s Remarks on Drone Strikes

Conservatives, It's Time to Stop Our Doom and Gloom

​Note on the Death of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez

Obama and the Sequester